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Projoy Cage series DC isolator first passed the latest SAA(DC-PV2) and RCM in Australia

Recently, the professional PV cage DC switch PEDSC series launched by Projoy has successfully obtained the new SAA certification from Australia and became the first DC isolation switch manufacturer to pass the latest SAA (DC-PV2) and RCM requirements in Australia.This certification marks that the PEDSC series has passed rigorous testing and can formally enter the Australian market. Passing the new SAA standard test after obtaining TUV, CB and UL certification laid the foundation for PROJOY to fu...[ Goto News Detail] [ Goto News Center]

About Projoy

PROJOY ELECTRIC is a professional electrical manufacturer committed to provide high-voltage DC switch to energy conversion equipment and energy intelligent management system, intelligent components and intelligent sensors. Headquarter is located in China, PROJOY Electric has three R&D bases (Suzhou, Wenzhou and Xiamen), also set up subsidiaries or authorized distributors in Italy, Britain, Austrilia, India, Korea, Chinese Taiwan, and other countries and regions, to meet the needs of international marketing.

The latest PROJOY PEDS series pv DC Switch, designed for the 1500V PV system, has many features: Meet the demand of 1500V PV System, satisfy Inverter with 6 MPPT tracking design, smaller and more refined, high standard test certification, diversity, etc.. With CE, SAA, TUV, UL, UL508i 1000v, etc. international certifications. The Enclosure DC Isolator(PEDS150-ELR-X) products have been widely used in pv systems in UK, Australia, France, India and Italy, etc. Projoy has become one of the main DC Isolator suppliers of many well-known solar inverter manufacturers like Huawei and Sungrow.