Projoy Electric, "Switch to Safety!"


PROJOY ELECTRIC is a professional electrical manufacturer committed to provide high and low voltage DC switch to energy conversion equipment and energy intelligent management system, intelligent components and intelligent sensors. Headquarter is located in China, PROJOY Electric has three R&D bases (Suzhou, Wenzhou and Xiamen), also set up subsidiaries or authorized distributors in Italy, Britain, Austrilia, India, Korea, Chinese Taiwan, and other countries and regions, to meet the needs of international marketing.

The company products are used in the new energy systems (photovoltaic grid inverters, photovoltaic off-grid inverters, photovoltaic energy storage inverters, solar water pump controller, etc.), residential intelligent power management system (intelligent home energy monitoring, storage and rational use), local consumption intelligent management, smart grid and other fields.

ProJoy has a professional R & D team in the field of international electrical and intelligent power applications, independent intellectual property rights over electrical product lines completely and multiple core patents regarding solar built-in DC switch, solar external DC switch, smart sensor components and other products. Product technology has reached the world advanced level and has won various international certifications, including: UL and CSA in North America, the EC CE certification, globally recognized CB certification, Sweden Nemko certification, Australia SAA certification, Germany VDE certification and China CCC certification. The external DC switch products have been exported to the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Italy. In China, Projoy’s solar built-in switch has supplied to the leading inverter manufacturers like Huawei and Sungrow.

Adopting advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing equipment, ProJoy continues to introduce advanced high-tech processes and skilled personnel; guarantees product manufacturing and quality control. ProJoy has a international marketing and services team with rich experience, adhere to the localized marketing and service concept, correctly grasp market trends and customer demand for accurate positioning.

ProJoy will continue to adhere to professional, intelligent and modular product line direction, constantly improve the company’s product line and improve the international competitiveness of ProJoy products. With capable management, globally competitive core technology, advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing equipment, global market channels, ProJoy will win the market.