PROJOY Shined at SNEC 2020 with New Products


From 8-10 August, 2020, the world's largest Solar Exhibition SNEC was officially opened. 

As the world's leading professional electrical manufacturer, PROJOY Electric Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing high and low voltage DC switches, intelligent components and intelligent sensors for energy conversion equipment and intelligent energy management. PROJOY Electric showed up with many new wonderful products, which attracted a large number of visitors to the booth E7-263.

At the exhibition, PROJOY Electric launched PEBS series DC miniature circuit breakers.


The traditional DC MCB is polarity(The current enters from the upper end "+" and flows out from the "-" on the lower end). Low cost and wide range of uses. But it only protect the circuit in one direction, once the electrical current enters from the opposite direction, can’t effectively break the circuit, can’t play a protective role. Therefore, Non-polarity MCB(Incoming and Outgoing lines don’t distinguish between “+”and“-”)has advantage in the energy storage system is reflected. PROJOY Electric Non-polarity MCB, by changing clearance between moving contact and fixed contact, shorten electric arc jump distance, increasing arc coil. Non-polarity DC MCB series make DC arc in either direction into arc extinguish chamber successfully, then fault can be cut off by cutting the arc into small segments through the arc splitter.

PROJOY DC Miniature Circuit Breakers, with capacities of load isolation and overload/short circuit protection, are designed for PV, energy storage and other DC applications, mainly placed between batteries and hybrid inverters. 



PEBS series DC miniature circuit breakers, a star product of PROJOY Electric, have been officially listed on BYD's supplier list, and have also been recognized by many international brands such as LG of South Korea. In the future, PROJOY will continue to adhere to the professional, intelligent, modular product line direction!

In addition, PROJOY's firefighter safety switches also made an amazing appearance at the exhibition.Solar nverters are widely used in household/small industrial and commercial applications. The built-in DC isolation switch integrated in the inverter is mainly used to cut off the direct current of the inverter during maintenance, but it is unable to do anything for the direct current (600~1500V) from the roof to the inverter.In the event of a fire, firefighters will be exposed to a very serious potential danger.

PROJOY's firefighter safety switches will provide users with component-level, array level, and power-station level solutions, covering the full range of needs of household systems, industrial and commercial power stations and large ground power stations, and fully solve the safety problems of power stations!



At the exhibition site, PROJOY's DC isolation switch, cage isolation switch, distribution box, intelligent electricity meter, AC switch and many other products are also welcomed by customers!



At present, PROJOY has three R&D bases in China (Suzhou, Wenzhou and Xiamen), and subsidiaries or authorized distributors in Italy, The United Kingdom, Australia, India, South Korea and Taiwan, Etc. In the future, PROJOY will continue to strengthen the research and development of new technologies, improve the production process, deepen the photovoltaic market, and bring the latest products to users.