Advantages of PROJOY Firefighter Safety Switch


Rooftop distributed photovoltaic has been used extensively in China, the United States, Australia, Europe and Japan. As the application closest to the human activity area, how to ensure personal safety, how to prevent the fire risk of photovoltaic facilities, how to ensure that non-professional personnel identify and cut off the risk in the first time, has become a widespread concern of all countries.

Based on the market demand, PROJOY has successively launched series of products of String level PEFS-EL and panel level PEFS-PL. String inverter is widely used in Residential & Commercial Rooftop. The DC Isolator integrated in the inverter, the main function is to cut off the inverter dc when maintenance, but for the roof to the inverter part of the DC (600~1500V) powerless. In case of fire, firefighters may be exposed to very serious potential hazards. Firefighters will shut down the AC before putting out the fire, the PEFS series firefighter safety switch will detect the grid failure, and after 5 seconds, the PEFS will automatically turn off the isolation switch. 


PEFS-EL Product advantages:

1. Applicable to 600V/1000V/1500V photovoltaic system

2. Wider and larger current: 9~55A

3. AC voltage range is wider 100~270Vac

4. LED indicator, ON or OFF can be easily identify status

5. IP66 level, suitable for outdoor installation fully

6. DC connector:  Knock out, cable gland, MC4 optional

7. 1m AC cable optional, Convenient for customers to install

8. Avoid condensation cavity with breather valve

9. Low noise during operation, which does not affect people's normal life

10.  Modular design of product components, quick and convenient after-sales  maintenance


With excellent performance, professional after-sales team replies on fast response to solve the customer’s needs, this product sale hot in the European market, get customer praise constantly.


NEC2017 requires photovoltaic facilities on all buildings to be capable of rapid component-level shutdown in an emergency. NEC 2017 690.12 has strict requirements for fast shutdown switch. 


The distance within 305 mm to the photovoltaic arrays is the boundary, within 30s after the start of the fast shutdown device, the voltage for the arrays outside boundary decreases to below 30V, and the voltage within the boundary decreases to below 80V, that is to say, panel level shutdown is required. The requirements come into force on January 1, 2019.

PEFS-PL Product advantages:

1. Support remote wireless panel output shut down

2. Built-in temperature sensor, automatically shutdown

3. while over 85°C (185°F)

4. Protection Level: IP68

5. Flame retardant rating: UL94-V0

6. Slim size, match module perfectly


After installing PEFS-PL panel level shutdown, each PV module can be divided, avoiding high-voltage danger. In case of fire, the output voltage of the module can be cut off in the first time to ensure the safety of firefighters.