PEEM, Digital Smart Meter

PEEM, Digital Smart Meter
    • Provides real-time data for balancing electric loads.

    • Voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, etc. can be easily read from the LCD screen.

    • Bi-directional measuring.

    • Standard DIN rail 35mm.

    • With RS485 interface and ModBus/RTU communication protocol for networking.

    • Stored data is safe at power loss.

    • Accurate bi-directional measuring of PV system power generation.

    • Measures the consumption and feed-in power.

    • Communicates through RS485 with on-grid inverter or energy storage inverter to realize export limitation.

    • Communicates with AC coupled inverter or energy storage inverter to realize the logical control of charge and discharge.

  • Datasheet.pdf