PROJOY Electric presented at 2019 SNEC, and invited to attend The 2nd Celebration of China-Australia Smart Energy Industry Partnership!


The world’s most professional PV exhibition, the SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2019, was held in Shanghai from July 4th to 6th 2019. PROJOY Electric brought the PV Firefighter Safety Switch, DC Isolator, DC Circuit Breaker (for energy storage), Junction Box & Distribution Box and other products to appear at booth E6-270.



PROJOY launched a series of new products on the 2019 SNEC, which is a very popular PV exhibition. PROJOY researched and developed the specific non-polarity DC MCB to avoid personal injury and property loss caused by polarity installation failure. It has the features of reliable arc & arc suppression, simple structure, easy installation and without considering the polarity. By changing clearance between moving contact and fixed contact, shortening electric arc jump distance, increasing arc coil, PROJOY Non-polarity DC MCB PEBS series make DC arc in either direction into arc extinguish chamber successfully to cut off the fault.


At the SNEC exhibition , Ms. He Meiling, Sales Director of PROJOY Electric, was invited to attend The 2nd Celebration of China-Australia Smart Energy Industry Partnership, sponsored by the Australian Intelligent Energy Commission (SEC), and its signing ceremony. The meeting was attended by Steve Blume, Chairman of the Australian Smart Energy Council, John Grimes CEO of the Australian Smart Energy Council, Fang Yuan, China Manager of the Australian Intelligent Energy Council, and more than 30 project developers and distributors from Australia and New Zealand. PROJOY has been starting a new Chinese-Australian cooperation chapter! 


The 2nd Celebration of China-Australia Smart Energy Industry Partnership-Signing Ceremony

In 2018, the number of Australia's PV installations had tripled since 2013. The installed capacity of residential and industrial PV projects has increased by approximately 3.8 GW. In 2019 it is predicted that this number will almost double, reaching more than 5.1 GW, and all market segments will exceed the previous installation records. Solar Citizens report shows that the total installed capacity of the household PV market will exceed 60GW. According to Bloomberg News: Australia's household energy storage market accounts for 30% of global demand in 2019, and demand in 2019 is expected to be three times of 2018. Australia will install 70,000 household energy storage systems in 2019. The Australian government will invest 147 million Australian dollars in 2019 to subsidize household energy storage systems.

Through this signing, PROJOY Electric and the Australian Intelligence Committee have expressed the good wishes of the Chinese-Australian cooperation and hope to have a closer cooperation in the future for in the fields of new energy and high and low voltage DC switches, intelligent components and intelligent sensors, thus creating a new chapter in Chinese-Australian cooperation.

PROJOY Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional electrical manufacturer, dedicated to provide high and low voltage DC switches, intelligent components and intelligent sensors for energy conversion equipment and intelligent energy management. It is believed that the various products brought by PROJOY at the exhibition can fully meet the diverse needs of the market and become the most reliable choice for customers to improve the efficiency and reliability of PV power plants.