It has been brought to our attention from M Merchandising that certain damaging statements have been received by M merchandising from PV connection in regards to Projoy DC isolators. PV Connection claimed in their call to our clients that Projoy DC isolators were unsafe and had failed testing that PV connection had done. The alleged failure that was reported was that the RTI DC isolators had failed 1000 vdc at 32-amp testing and caught fire. As well as this, a statement was also alleged to have been made that Projoy products did not pass AU standards in regards to Level 3 PV2.

In response to these statements, we wish to requalify the facts. The quality and performance of the products, they are judged by scientific and objective testing, are performed by a certified and authorized third party testing facility. Not by a simple so-called report by PV Connection itself. The voltage and current parameters of the PROJOY PEDSC series DC isolating switch are 1200 Vdc (Ie = 16A 32A) and our products can operate perfectly in this indicator. At the same time, we welcome the industry to ask for, and be provided with third party authorized testing of Projoy Products. We are happy to supply these products for authorized testing to PV Connection and that PV Connection incur the full costs for the TUV Australian testing.

Test reports clearly show that PROJOY products exceed the TUV tests upper limits


Besides, PROJOY has the most complete series of switch products in China. It not only has a product line that can pass 1200V 32A, but also has a product line that can pass 1000V 50A (1500V 30A). 

The TUV certificate clearly shows PROJOY DC isolator can pass 50A under 1500V current refer to below screenshot: 


Projoy as a company strongly condemns PV Connection for defamatory statements centered on the performance and safety of our products. We feel, as dose our clients, that your defamatory actions and attempts to discredit our product with miss truths is unbecoming of a company such as PV Connection to try and gain commercial leverage against fair competition within our industry. We at Projoy have the courage to accept legitimate and reasonable market competition and we will fearlessly defend the quality of our product against such attempts to destabilize our new market.

Our clients who are happy with our service and products have made it clear to us that they are not happy with what has happened and have stated they have never had discussions like this from anyone in the industry before aimed at a particular vendor such as Projoy. They contacted us with these defamatory miss truths directed towards Projoy to clear the air so we could defend our product range against such commercial attacks.

This is a formal warning that if we continue to get more reports of such a nature coming from PV Connection either via MM Electrical or any other third party, we will take legal action with the full weight of the law and commercial strength that Projoy has.


11th June, 2019