Product spotlight – PROJOY



From 1 July new rules stipulate that PV electrical equipment must have an anti-condensation function (AS/NZS3000:2018 Wiring Rules clause 1.7.2).

Where a condensation issue could arise within electrical equipment, a breathing / pressure equalization valve shall be installed.

As a result, PROJOY has developed new technology and upgraded their range to comply.

A breathing valve has been incorporated on the side of enclosures to ensure the free flow of air, and to prevent water, dust, oil and fog from entering the switch, dramatically reducing condensation.



You may also be interested in PROJOY rapid shutdown PEFS, Firefighter Safety Switches

Since 2014 a number of countries (including the US, Ireland and Italy), have required fast PV shutdown to assist firefighters.

These are now available in Australia.

When AC power is shut down, the PEFS fast shutdown automatically switches off and isolates all PV panels.

The PROJOY PEFS also allows:

  • Remote control manually

  • When the AC is ON, the DC is automatically ON

  • Up to 5 strings

  • Up to 85A, 1500V per string

  •  Shutdown automatically over 80 degrees C

  •  SAA certification