Projoy Cage series DC isolator first passed the latest SAA(DC-PV2) and RCM in Australia


Recently, the professional PV cage DC switch PEDSC series launched by Projoy has successfully obtained the new SAA certification from Australia and became the first DC isolation switch manufacturer to pass the latest SAA (DC-PV2) and RCM requirements in Australia.

This certification marks that the PEDSC series has passed rigorous testing and can formally enter the Australian market. Passing the new SAA standard test after obtaining TUV, CB and UL certification laid the foundation for PROJOY to further expand the global market.


SAA(DC-PV2) Certification

Recently, SAA Australia International Standards Corporation officially promulgated the latest standard for DC disconnectors: AS 60947.3:2018, which is a mandatory requirement for DC disconnectors to enter the Australian market. The PROJOY PEDSC series has passed the most severe DC-PV2 test (4 times rated current on and off, 5 times in cycle test), and can achieve insulation voltage of 1500V, the maximum rated voltage is 1200V. The 1200V 32A/string can meet the requirements of DC isolation for high-power string inverters or multi-string panels.


SAA released latest standard for DC disconnectors (DC-PV2)

SAA certification is a mandatory safety certification that Australia requires to pass electronic products sold in its region. Starting this month, switches that do not pass DC-PV2 certification are not allowed to be sold in Australia. Due to the rigor of the DC-PV2 certification process, there are few certified manufacturers. As the first batch of certified brands, PROJOY is also affirmation of the excellent performance of our isolator switch products.

At present, PROJOY is one of the biggest isolator switch suppliers to inverter manufactories, and our clients include Growatt, Solax, Sungrow, SAJ, Chint, Kstar, East, Solis, Omnik and etc in China; And also ABB, SMA etc worldwide famous brands. Its outstanding product performance and perfect after-sales service are widely praised by customers.

The PEDSC series cage DC switch further enriches the PROJOY DC switch product line, compensating for the insufficiency of the PEDS series to use multi-pole switches in the lateral plane, customer installation is more flexible. The performance comparison between Cage series and PEDS150 classic series, please see the following table:


PEDSC Series DC isolator -New CagePEDS Series DC isolator - Classic
Parallel wiring, larger aperture, more secure and convenient wiringSmaller size and higher power density, suitable for installation in a relatively small space
The modular design is added horizontally to better match the flexible installation of the lateral plane. For example, an external isolation switch, or a multi-level DC isolation switch installed on the inverter panel, optional 2-8.The axially added modular design allows for better matching of axially flexible installations, such as built-in disconnectors, or multi-level DC disconnectors on the inverter backplane, optional 2-8
Parallel wiring, larger aperture, flexible installationPositive and reverse contact mounting options
Single hole mounting, Panel mounting, Distribution module mounting, Door lock installation, Enclosure box etc.Single hole mounting, Panel mounting, Distribution module mounting, Door lock installation, Enclosure box etc.
With imported seals, the installation can achieve the overall IP66 rating of the machineWith imported seals, the installation can achieve the overall IP66 rating of the machine
Insulated design with rated DC withstand voltage of 1500V, passed IEC60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015, DC-PV1 and DC-PV2 test, arc extinguishing time less than 3ms, with TUV, CE, CB, SAA certificationInsulation design with rated DC withstand voltage of 1500V, through IEC60947-3 (ed.3.2): 2015, DC-PV1 and DC-PV2, UL508I, GB/T14048.3 and other certification standards, with TUV, CE, SAA, UL , CCC certification

PROJOY has always been committed to research and development of more efficient and stable professional photovoltaic switches, to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient photovoltaic inverter switching solutions. Pu Zhao is willing to form strategic cooperation with global inverter manufacturers, provide strong technical support and comprehensive after-sales service, and grow together with global PV companies.