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Professional supply of photovoltaic DC switches, circuit breakers, AC and DC electric boxes, smart meters and other equipment

Rapid Shutdown


Projoy has launched two types of rapid shutdown devices, string type and module type, which can be applied to various photovoltaic power station scenarios. They strictly select high-standard materials that has high flame retardant properties and protective properties. With intelligent shutdown, emergency shutdown and remote shutdown, automatic reset after power failure and power recovery, etc. functions,the rapid shutdown has passed EU CE certification and North American UL certification.

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DC Isolator

PEDS & PEDH Series

Projoy has been selling DC isolators since its establishment. it is now one of the most widely used DC isolators brands in the Asia-Pacific region, and the designated supplier of photovoltaic isolation switches for many mainstream inverter manufacturers in the world. Projoy can provide users with DC isolators products in the full power segment. The built-in and external DC switches meet the DC PV2 standard, and have obtained UL certification.

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DC circuit breaker

PEBS & PEMC Series

Projoy has a professional circuit breaker R&D team with many years of experience, and is providing high-quality products for many of the world's top energy storage system manufacturers.Especially the non-polar design micro-breaker, its breaking capacity is up to 10kA, and it has a scientific arc extinguishing and current limiting structure. Projoy circuit breakers include AC and DC, high and low voltage, internal and external, and other product types. They are widely used and have passed various international certifications such as TUV and CE.

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Electrical Box


Projoy has developed a series of electrical box products such as DC Junction boxes, AC distribution boxes, and DC&AC distribution boxes. Made of engineering plastic material with beautiful appearance, strong and durable, simple and convenient to install etc character. The protection level reaches IP65 or above, it is waterproof and dustproof, and meets the requirements of long-term outdoor use. Internal components can be customized according to user needs, with 2 to 16 strings of various types that widely used in household and commercial photovoltaic systems.

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About Projoy

We are a professional electrical manufacturer dedicated to providing high and low voltage DC switches for energy conversion equipment and energy intelligent management

Focus on the details and never stop innovation.

PROJOY Electric Co., Ltd.

PROJOY Electric Co., Ltd. founded in 2011, the headquarters is located in Suzhou China, with convenient transportation. Adhering to the product concept of "Switch to Safety", it is the first domestic company who are focusing on providing DC isolation switches, Miniature circuit breakers, DC surge protector , Rapid shutdown, and smart electricity meters for the field of optical energy storage system. With more than 10 years of development, PROJOY Electric currently has two major business divisions, smart electrical division and power electronics division...

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