Projoy presented a new solution for 1500V system at SNEC 2021


Today, the 2021 SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition is grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center! Thousands of photovoltaic companies made their brilliant appearances, each leading the way. As a system safety expert for photovoltaic power plants, Projoy has been committed to providing high and low voltage switches, non-polar circuit breakers and smart sensors for photovoltaic grid-connected inverters, photovoltaic energy storage inverters and other new energy conversion equipment and energy management systems.

On the site of this year's SNEC exhibition, Projoy Appliances brought DC isolator switches, miniature circuit breakers, rapid shut down, smart meters, photovoltaic power distribution boxes and other products to the wonderful appearance.


Among them, PEDH high-current DC isolator switches and PEMC large-scale molded case circuit breaker products, as two newly launched products, attracted much attention at the exhibition site.

PEDH series high current DC isolator switches adopts double break point design, has excellent extinguishing ability, rated working current is up to 630A, and rated working voltage is up to 1500V! Widely used in large string inverters, photovoltaic combiner boxes, specially developed for 1500V photovoltaic systems! It can connect and break the circuit under load, and can also be used for infrequent operation of the circuit. Modular design, flexible pole number selection, easy installation and disassembly, can meet the needs of different wiring methods, and ensure the stable and reliable operation of the photovoltaic power generation system .


Projoy's PEMC DC molded case circuit breaker is mainly suitable for large-scale energy storage systems. The rated working voltage can reach 500-1000V. It is used in distribution lines with a rated working current of 400A and below, as overload and short-circuit protection. It can also be used in Under normal circumstances, it is used for infrequent operation and conversion of the line, which can quickly disconnect the fault current of the DC system to ensure the stable operation of the inverter, combiner box and battery pack.


At the same time, PEMC DC molded case circuit breaker with many advantages: small size, strong breaking capacity, short arc, and a variety of wiring options!


At the same time, at the exhibition site, Projoy’s new 2021 promotional video was officially released (!

Since its establishment in 2011, after 10 years of developments, Projoy is gradually growing into a leading brand of low-voltage electrical appliances in the photovoltaic field. The customer groups include BYD, LG, Sungrow, Goodwe, Solis, Growatt, Kstar, etc.


The annual SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition is not only an industry gathering, but also an annual calendar for enterprise product updates. Only by continuous technological exploration, continuous product iteration, and always being highly sensitive to the development direction of the industry, the can continue to make breakthroughs and gain growth!