Optical Storage Craftsman | Walter Yang: “Begin with the original intention and become the guardian of photovoltaic safety”


Walter Yang graduated from Hebei University of Technology with a master's degree in 2010. During the school, he was jointly trained with Nankai University and engaged in the research of silicon-based thin-film solar cells. After graduation, he has been deeply involved in the photovoltaic industry for more than ten years. He has accumulated working experience in some large factories, such as Chint Solar, Omnik New Energy, and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. He is involved in photovoltaic panels, inverters, safe power distribution, system design, etc., and has a deep understanding and insight. At the same time, he also witnessed the ups and downs of the photovoltaic industry, and witnessed the efforts and gains of photovoltaic people.

Craftsman spirit

"Craftsman spirit"  is what the ancient Analects said: “As knife and file make smooth the bone, so jade is wrought by chisel and stone (to help each other in study)”.

This is how he explained his understanding of the "craftsman spirit": A craftsman must first have a dedicated heart, do one thing purely, and then turn it into one of his own beliefs, and walk in this direction unswervingly. This is the so-called "craftsman spirit". In fact, the spirit of craftsmanship has little to do with a person's job position, but is related to the person's attitude and spirit in doing things. Therefore, no matter what position you are in or what you are doing, as long as you adhere to the "craftsman spirit" and focus on your own field, you can be called a dedicated craftsman in the industry.

As a post-80s generation, Ealter Yang has experienced a period of rapid development of the national economy, witnessing that while people's living standards are improving day by day, the production environment has undergone earth-shaking changes. Why must economic development come at the expense of the environment? It was not until he came into contact with the photovoltaic industry that Walter Yang really realized that it is not out of reach for clean energy to replace traditional fossil energy. Realizing the ideal of replacing traditional fossil energy with new clean energy can realize sustainable development, and sustainable development is the future of mankind. So now, photovoltaics has become a kind of belief for Yang Zhenhua, and it has been deeply cultivated in the true sense.

Walter Yang has been rooted in the photovoltaic industry for more than ten years, and has always put his original intention in action and shouldered the responsibility. For more than a decade, he has experienced the ups and downs of the industry, seeing and listening a lot. However, the belief in his heart has not changed. He is passionate and happy in his work. He has always believed that the path of photovoltaics is right and meaningful, and the future is bright.


PROJOY Electric Co., Ltd.

PROJOY Electric Co., Ltd. (PROJOY ELECTRIC) founded in 2011, the headquarters is located in Suzhou China, with convenient transportation. Adhering to the product concept of "Switch to Safety", it is the first domestic company who are focusing on providing DC isolation switches, Miniature circuit breakers, DC surge protector , Rapid shutdown, and smart electricity meters for the field of optical energy storage system. With more than 10 years of development, PROJOY Electric currently has two major business divisions, smart electrical division and power electronics division.


Core Products

PROJOY Electric Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that focuses on making safety and supporting related products and providing complete solutions from the major application scenarios of household photovoltaics, industrial and commercial photovoltaics and ground photovoltaics. After ten years, Projoy has launched several series of products around photovoltaic and electrical safety, the core of which is the equipment with “rapid shutdown”function proposed by more and more countries in recent years for the safety of photovoltaic power plants - Rapid Shutdown (Rapid Shutdown Device).

Photovoltaic rapid shutdown, as the name implies, is the equipment that can quickly shut down the photovoltaic power station. When a fire occurs in a photovoltaic power station, the device can be used to cut off the high voltage on the DC side of the photovoltaic modules, which can create a safe and stable rescue environment for firefighters, and can also protect people's personal and property safety to the greatest extent. 

Projoy's rapid shutdown products are divided into two categories:

● Module-level RSD

Module-level RSD is mostly used in household photovoltaic power generation systems, which can cut off the current between components. It has three characteristics:

▷ The types of products are relatively complete, and two different control methods, active and power carrier communication, can meet different customer needs

▷ The technology of the product is mature and can cover more than 95% of customer needs

▷ The product has high reliability, can meet the UL1741 standard, and has obtained relevant certificates

● Array-level RSD

Array-level RSD is mostly used in industrial and commercial photovoltaic power generation systems, which can cut off the high-voltage direct current between photovoltaic modules and inverters. It has a wide coverage and can connect 2 to 10 PV strings. When the AC power is disconnected, the DC power above the inverter will be automatically disconnected, and it can also be turned off through RS485 communication.


Core competitiveness

From the perspective of the company, Projoy has its own professional R&D team. From supply chain R&D to production to sales, all of which are led by the backbone elites who have worked in the industry for more than ten years. Professional people do professional things, and the things they do can be more professional. Secondly, Projoy adopts a flat management model, and the general manager directly leads the team, which saves the process of intermediate reporting and communication, saves this time and resources, and improves the work efficiency of each department.

From the product level, the competitiveness of  Projoy's products is mainly reflected in two aspects: "specialized" and "excellent". First of all, "specialized" is mainly reflected in Projoy's supporting products only for the part of light + storage. Although Projoy has many product series but the types are relatively simple. So we can focus more on this field to be more professional. Secondly, "excellent" mainly means that all products are independently developed by Projoy's R&D department, and have the ability of sustainable iterative upgrades to meet the higher-level needs of different customers.

Walter Yang concluded: "To really win the market is not to rely on marketing means to advertise, but to rely on the product itself to meet the needs of customers. The real product demand is the foundation of a foothold." Although marketing methods are important, the most fundamental thing is to rely on products to open up the market. Therefore, ensuring the quality of the product is the most important.

International Marketing

Projoy has an international professional marketing service team with rich industry experience, adhering to the localized marketing service concept. There are subsidiaries or authorized distributors in Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, South Korea, Brazil, Poland, Thailand, Taiwan, China, etc. Projoy can quickly respond to customer needs and provide high-quality services in a timely manner.


Projoy's global marketing system is mainly divided into two parts:

▷ The domestic marketing adopts the direct sales model, and the customer group is mainly the manufacturers of inverters and battery packs

▷ The overseas marketing model adopts the distribution model, and the customer group is mainly distributors, which are characterized by large volume and dispersion, so the distribution model is used.

At present, Projoy's distribution system has been standardized and institutionalized, including the distributor's certification system, training system, and rebate system. And now only overseas sales network has covered more than 30 countries around the world.

Customer relations

In terms of customer relationship, Projoy divides customers into two categories:

▷ The end customer

The end customers generally adopt the direct mining mode, mainly inverter manufacturers or battery pack manufacturers. This part of customers needs Projoy to provide excellent products and good services, which is the basis for ensuring good customer relations. Secondly, it is to think about what customers think, and even deeply participate in the development of new products for customers, and give them reasonable suggestions. These are the guarantees to maintain a good customer relationship with customers.

▷ The Partner

The partner means distributor, Projoy is committed to building a community of interests, bound to the interests of customers, and even sometimes prefers to suffer losses rather than letting partners suffer. The good partnership established in this way can be reliable and lasting.

Development trend

There is no doubt that the future development of Projoy will still revolve around the photovoltaic industry, especially the field of photovoltaic + storage. Walter Yang said: "we will continue to dig deep in this field, develop our new products, make it deeper, bigger and stronger, so that we can become a leader in the safety field of the photovoltaic industry. In view of some characteristics of energy storage batteries, accidents have occurred frequently since the development of energy storage, which has had a huge impact. Therefore, how to meet the higher-level requirements of energy storage safety is the main direction of Projoy's next product development.”

In the future, Projoy will always focus on the safety and intelligence of the clean energy field, especially the optical storage and charging system. We continue to adhere to the product concept of "Switch to Safety", and constantly consolidate the company's product lines in the fields of smart electrical and power electronics, and enhance the international competitiveness of these two product lines. With its capable management and management team, world-competitive core technologies, advanced production management concepts, and mature international market channels. Projoy will continue to develop and progress to create a safer and smarter new energy world for customers.

Alliance message

When asked about his suggestions and expectations for the alliance, Walter Yang said: "First of all, I would like to thank the alliance for its hard work and dedication, so that everyone has a platform to communicate with each other. The development of the industry has never lacked resources and talents, but the lack of integration, which happens to be the responsibility of the alliance. It is like a seed of crystallization. It can bring everyone together, gather sand into a tower, and move in unison, and it can burst out powerful energy, so that China's light storage can be invincible on the international stage.”