PEAS50-EL35-N, Weatherproof AC Isolator

PEAS50 series isolating switch has waterproof and dustproof function, which can effectively prevent the entry of dust and oil. It will not affect the performance of the product in rain or strong water. It can perfectly solve the need for safe use of electricity in harsh outdoor environments such as rain, dust, freezing, high temperature and strong ultraviolet rays.

Highlights :

Rated current: 35A

Double handle design, away from the live body

Plastic screws are used to increase the insulation of the switch to ensure safety

Provide a larger and more convenient wiring location for the connection box installation mechanism of switch base

M25 / M20 adapter for easy installation of M25 / M20 cable adapter

Padlock position design to prevent misoperation

The product meets the IEC60947-3 standard, and the harsh working environment remains safe and reliable

IP66 protection level

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