PEDS-EL Enclosure Series DC Isolator 40-55A (Australian Version)

Modular design, DC insulation voltage 1500V, compact structure, 2-8 poles optional

IP66 box design, switch rotation operator with three lockable positions, to prevent misoperation

Suitable for different specifications of waterproof cable connector or MC4 connector

The zero line bridge with angle design makes the connection easier

With sufficient internal space and good heat dissipation effect, the whole machine can work under -40℃-70℃ with full load

High - speed "on - off" switching mechanism, using energy storage spring, fast switching, maximum switching time is less than 5ms

Contact self-cleaning design, reduce the resistance and energy consumption of DC switch, extend the life of switch

Magnetic arc extinguishing and gate arc extinguishing are used to suppress the arc effectively

Passed IEC / EN60947-3: 2009+A1+A2, GB / T14048.3, with TUV, CE certification

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