PER-C20 AC Surge Protection

PER AC surge protector, suitable for AC 50/60 HZ, rated voltage 230/440V three-phase power distribution system, satisfy the SPD, I class and Ⅱ class test. The peak shock current of the stage I protector is 5kA(10/350μs), and the charge is 25As,Ⅱ protector maximum discharge current level can up to 100 kA. It can suppress direct strikes, inductive strikes or other instantaneous overvoltages, discharge inrush energy, thus protects system circuits and load equipment. It has the advantages of I or II protection, large discharge capacity, low residual pressure, no leakage current, integrated module structure, easy installation, high safety factor, long service life and so on.

PER AC surge protector cooperates with each other to realize the layered protection system, so that the low-voltage distribution system can be more widely and effectively protected.

The surge protector is provided with a fail-safe device. When the protector breaks down due to overheating, the fail-safe detach device can automatically detach from the power grid and give an indication signal. When the protector is normal, the display window will show green, and after failure, the display window will show red.

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