PEFS-PL Series Module Level Firefighter Safety Switches/Rapid Shutdown (DC 24V, One fits Two, 120V)

PEFS-PL Series Module Level Firefighter Safety Switches is a reliable rapid shutdown according to NEC 2017/2020 690.12 regulations for roof top PV systems fire safety.

Highlights :

Meet to NEC 2017/2020 690.12 regulations

Match LVRT feature of the inverter

Power line control

Single rapid shutdown connects to 2,4,6 PV modules

White / orange / black color is optional

Fire retardant V-0 / UV resistant materials used

High quality material used, temperature, corrosion, impact resistance

Clasp design, simple and convenient installation, saving labor costs

Fully certified, CE, UL

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Automatic Shutdown


Automatically shutdown the DC power of panels when detecting temperature of the area is higher than 85℃.

Manual Shutdown


In an emergency, firefighters or homeowners can manually turn off the AC power of the distribution box.

Manual Shutdown


In an emergency, it can be shut down manually through the Panel Level Rapid Shutdown Controller Box.

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